Love Soap Studio

About Love Soap Studio
Love Soap Studio Why we started: To build a special brand for people with Down syndrome. Have you ever dreamed of chasing after colorful bubbles like an innocent child, if so, you shall understand that people with Down syndrome has the same emotion.

"I want to work"! Going to work every day is stressful to the most of us, but for people with disabilities, their easiest dream is to be able to work and increase their self-esteem. Now, they are not far from making their dreams come true, by approaching their dreams in the place they are most familiar with, and to carving out a niche of their own.

It is our foundation's mission and goal to create a brand – "Love Soap, for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. We are dedicated to offer the highest quality to our customers, instead of promoting our products out of sympathy and compassion. Chairman of Down syndrome foundation, Mr. Lin emphasized that it is crucial and important to support children with Down syndrome to make the simplest job to bring the best effect! Therefore, the foundation created a starting step to their career life for people with disabilities; creating vocational trainings to exercise their muscles of the hand and social skill, furthermore, promoting "Love Soap" to the public.

It takes 17 complex steps to make a perfect soap, instructors at each studio designs different steps according to each student's ability, and some magic power with sense of life through their hands is added in the soaps they produce.

The foundation also took customers need into consideration, and launched 3 lines of products according to each studios distinguishing feature, apart from own design of soap shape and packaging , the studio selected nature luffs from Philippines, herbal essence oil,Lego shaped soaps which brings us back a lot of childhood memories! We did not only make bathing an affordable luxury, "Love Soap" is also the best selection for gifts to loved ones.

The principle of "Love Soap Studio" is to promote these carefully handmade soaps by people with Down syndrome and disabilities, we hope to acquire everyone's awareness and support, therefore, love soaps are available in the studios which full of love and support, as well as "Abrazo" sheltered workshop and on-line.

In each mind of people with Down syndrome, a beautiful dream is hidden in every bubble rubs out the handmade soap, their world is surrounded by this dream, we believe one day, the dreams will come true.