Love Soap Studio

About Love Soap Studio
Love Soap Studio After graduating from special education school, people with disabilities may go to work or go to a long-term care center, depending on their conditions. For those who have a working dream but are evaluated as unready for the workplace yet, DSF has established a Love Soap Studio. It provides pre-employment training for people with disabilities and teaches them living skills. Through making handmade soaps, they can learn a working attitude, enhance concentration, and strengthen hand muscles. Currently, DSF owns 10 Love Soap Studios in Taiwan.

It is a source of pride to say that all DSF's soap products are hand-made by our trainees. Understanding complex tasks can be challenging for individuals with disabilities Therefore, we have divided the soap-making process into 18 steps, which includes boiling ingredients, chopping soap base, modeling, and among other things, wrapping boxes. Each step takes several years of practice for a trainee to become skillful.

It is not easy, but they did it!