ABRAZO : meaning "To Embrace "in Spanish
ABRAZO Abrazo is the brand name of DSF's sheltered workshop, derived from the Spanish word meaning "embrace". Sheltered workshop primarily refers to a non-profit organization that employs people with disabilities separately from others. These workshops often operate under exemptions from labor standards, including, but not limited to, the absence of minimum wage requirements.

DSF's Abrazo shops are involved in producing hand-made pastries and packaging boxes for co-branded products. Currently, DSF has opened four Abrazo workshops in Taipei.

Currently, there are 27 employees with Down syndrome and others with disabilities working in Abrazo workshops. Each of them has different responsibilities and tasks. Some work hard to become skilled clerks, while others focus on being excellent bakers or experts of folding boxes.

In addition to the four Abrazo workshops in Taipei, DSF has also established one Abrazo shop the Taipei railway station shopping mall in 2023. The aim is to show the talents of our employees and provide them with opportunities to shine.