Our Service
Down Syndrome Foundation, ROC dedicated to support people with Down's syndrome and their carers. We provide "all through life" support nationally across Taiwan.
The aim of the Foundation is to help people with Down's syndrome reach their full potential by providing information and support to them, their families, carers and professionals at all age and stage of life. We also work to influence government policy to ensure that the society in which we all live reflects the needs of people with Down syndrome. Our Service
Our service include
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Day Care Centers
  • All through life caring system
  • Medical consultation and Rehabilitation
  • Vocational training
  • Employment service of people with disabilities
  • Health care system
  • Community interaction
  • Emergency relief
Early childhood intervention At the same time, the Foundation established all through life caring service in order to meet the needs of caring and settlement of elderly people with Down syndrome. According to the statics, we served 4,241 people with Down syndrome and other types of disabilities, 65,395 person - time in the year of 2015.